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Cache and Cache Event Table Deletion

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  • Cache and Cache Event Table Deletion


    i am seeing that both tables are of size around 300 MB. can i empty this table or is it mandatory to keep the data in it

    Right now my database size is around 700 MB. when i clcke don Analyze table in Phpmyadmin, it came down to 355 mb. why did it came down to 355 mb and is there a way that i can make these changes automatically form vbulletin rather then me coming to phpmyadmin every time and click on analyze ?

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    You can press the Clear Cache link in the AdminCP under "Maintenance."

    But yes it is safe to TRUNCATE (empty) the cache and cachevent tables. Do not give the "Delete" command as that will erase the entire table and crash the site.

    There is no automated way currently to do these commands. It would probably be possible via custom coding (a custom scheduled task) but custom coding is not something we support.

    In general you should expect the database to grow, 700MB shouldn't be anywhere close to a database size limit when using VB5.

    You can also truncate (empty) the searchlog table at anytime too if that is growing on you.


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      Thanks Joe


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