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Start/End times for Events off by 1 hour

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  • Start/End times for Events off by 1 hour

    We are in Arizona, which does not observe DST.

    In the Admin CP, I have the Time Zone set to GMT -7:00 Mountain Time. Enable DST is Off.

    In my personal account settings, I have the same time zone, and DST corrections "Always Off".

    I created an event, which starts/ends at 6:30 pm/7:30 pm. It looks correct when I created it.

    In the Events Module on my Home Page, it displays off by one hour: 7:30/8:30 pm.

    If I click on "View Events in Calendar", it displays correctly on the Calendar.

    If I click on the Topic Title to view the post/event in the Forum, it displays off by one hour: 7:30/8:30 PM.

    If I Edit the post, it displays correctly (while being edited). Save it again and it displays off by one hour.

    vb 5.3.4
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    If you figure it out let me know

    I am posting this event for 4/22/2018 @ 9:00 am After posting it shows 1 hour off 10:00 am Is there a setting for this???


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      I think this needs a JIRA raising to be honest.

      Events should always reflect the correct time zone based on the user who is viewing them, regardless of what the DST settings are.
      vBulletin Support


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        OK, here:


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          Carrfixr, I see you posted one as well:

          OK, so we've got dueling JIRA's. Either way, Houston, we have a problem...


          • Carrfixr
            Carrfixr commented
            Editing a comment
            You vote for mine and i'll vote for yours deal?
            Yours is better with pictures. They like those

          • StephenKay
            StephenKay commented
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            I would have voted for yours, but they closed it. But they seem to indicate that mine will be fixed in VB 5.4.1. So that will probably fix yours as well, since I think we are talking about the same thing...

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