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  • Forum layout is all messed up

    I have no other way of describing it. The formatting is completely off in some cases making it almost impossible to use. See if you can see it if you go to The thing is it's not universal for everyone. Viewing on devices seems ok. This problem is on desk tops. Personally, I have this issue on explorer and safari, but not chrome. I thought it started on explorer after my computer did an update.
    Is it an issue where version 5.3.2 is not compatible with certain new versions of browsers. We do realize we need to update to 5.3.4 Do you think that will take care of it? I can send screen shots of what the screen looks like if that will help give any answers / suggestions. Thanks

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    In Admincp go to Style & Language Settings

    Is your "Store CSS Stylesheets as Files?" set to yes? If so change it to no, as well as "Cache Templates As Files" to no.

    Reload your website and see if it renders correctly.

    This occurred with me in the past and is what I had to do.


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      I was hoping that would work but both those options were already set to "no". The only common thing I can find with people having trouble it it's happening after browsers update. For example like the comment below:

      Just as an update if it helps, I tried the Opera browser and it worked perfectly..... until it asked to update. Once I applied the update, it looks like all the other browsers.


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        When I view your site and try to load the CSS, I get this error:
        2: mysqli_real_connect(): (HY000/1203): User riderf5_vbbbdb already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections

        Moving the CSS to the file system can help alleviate the error but it will occur in other places. To get more "max_user_connections" you have to negotiate with your hosting provider. There really shouldn't be a limit on this but it is how hosting providers with "Unlimited Plans" keep sites from taking advantage of the unlimited resources they sell.
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