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Google no longer supports .gz sitemap compression?

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  • Google no longer supports .gz sitemap compression?

    I am having an issue all of a sudden with Google sitemaps. Google reports an error and no longer recognizes the xml.gz file. Is there anyway to turn off the compression for the sitemap?

    Note: I think Google is being redirected from the sitemap to the root node.

    For example, this is my site map url:

    Trying to go to that link redirects to the main site index page
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    Have you tried turning off compression in Cookies and HTTP Header Options GZIP HTML Output to verify that resolves the issue?


    • Wayne Luke
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      This has nothing to do with the generation of the XML Sitemap. The compression here is applied to the rendered HTML before it is sent from the server to the browser.

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    What is the exact error Google is presenting?
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      That isn't a correct URL. There will be no such file located on your site. It redirects to the homepage because you have the option to redirect 404 errors to the homepage turned on. Your URL should be You can verify this in the AdminCP by going to XML Sitemap -> Rebuild Sitemap. It will have a link to your sitemap files.
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