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Duplicating a style?

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  • Duplicating a style?

    So I've been working on a new installation of vB 5.3.3, and I started with the Default Style. I've modified a bunch of things with css_additional.css. I started looking at style vars, and that made me realize that rather than modify an existing style, perhaps I should create my own style, and that way the Default Style would still be there, unmodified. But in the Style Manager (admin cp), I don't see an option to duplicate a style. I don't want to make a child style where changes to the parent affect it. I'd like a completely independent duplicate of "Default Style", to which I can then apply my own changes. Am I misunderstanding the way to approach this? Thanks...

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    Just create a new style with no parent. That will be a completely default style.

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      Duh, pretty simple - thanks. But let's say you wanted to make a style based on some other style, such as "Wood", and not have it be a "child" but a completely separate style. Any way to do that? (Just trying to understand the possibilities...)


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        You can export an existing style as an XML file and then you can upload it as a separate style.

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          Ah thanks, that's what I wanted to know!


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            If you do export a style listed under "Themes, such as "Wood", and want to upload it as a new style then you need to check the box labeled "Remove Unique Identifier". Otherwise, when it is imported, it will just overwrite the existing style. You have to be using 5.3.4 or higher to have this option available.
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              Thanks, good to know.
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