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Control panel error after saving a preference change: Invalid URL

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  • Control panel error after saving a preference change: Invalid URL

    I have had some issues with my forums so I asked the hosting company to remove it completely and install a new version. Now, when I make any change in the Admin Control Panel, though the change message says it is successful, it shows this error message:

    Invalid Page URL. If this is an error and the page should exist, please contact the system administrator and tell them how you got this message.

    I also noticed that after changing the membership of a registered user into administrators, it is not working. When the user logs in, he is still a registered user rather than an admin and cannot have access to control panel or other administrative privileges.

    Attached animated gif file shows the problem
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    I took the risk and tried something. In the Options of the control panel, I went to the Site Name? / URL and found that the core link is: so I added core to become It has worked so far. Is that the root of the problem?


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      Yes. The core url setting must have core at the end, and does by default.
      If it wasn't there, someone has removed it. They should not have done so.

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        Thank you very much, and apologies for the delayed answer.I solved the problem by the following:

        1- Delete the entire forums and install a clean version.
        2- Subscribe to the host to a daily backup plan

        If something can be learned from my problem, then it is not to mess up with the settings. It is tempting to enter into the codes and change things because multiple forums provide for such hacks. A person like me should understand that such changes can only be made by experts in the software of vbulletin. Another lesson is to backup the forums along with databases every day to avoid data loss.


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