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What would happen if I change the administrator password?

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  • What would happen if I change the administrator password?

    So I need to change the administrator password and my cpanel password again.

    What would happen to the VBulletin website or settings if I change my admin password? I know somewhere during the setup I placed information of the admin and the password, so I don't know what would happen if I change it from the admin profile?

    Also, if I change the password from my Cpanel, then I have to go to config and change the password in there as well or my site will go on a 500 Error again.

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    updating the password in the user settings nohing would happen you would just use the new password as far as cpanel is concerned this has nothing to do with the functions of vbulletin the only thing you may need to worry about is if the new cpanel password also changes the database password which is doubtful



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      Changing the Admin's password doesn't affect the settings of the software. There is nowhere that a user password is required in the settings.
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        Changing my Cpanel password made my Vbulletin site go on 500 Error.

        I had to go into Config and change the "master server" password.


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          In Omnibus commented
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          Your cPanel password and your database password should not be the same.

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