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  • [Bug / Issue] Downloading attachments for visitors


    I've figured recently that anyone visit (non registered) my forum can't download attachments, but it shows them a white page with this line (Invalid File Specified) from this link ""

    As I know, it should take them to login.php where they should sign in or register or it should say you can't download unless register. please check attachments.

    Can Download Non-Image Attachments: No
    Can Download Image Attachments: No

    Thank you!
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    The "Invalid File Specified" is the expected behavior - you can see discussion of the bug resolution here:

    Yes on VB3 and VB4 it would bring users to a no permission / login page but that behavior has changed in VB5.


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      Didn't know that, I'm old school vb
      is there anyway I can redirect non registered to the main page, or a custom page that asks them to sign in at the top right corner?


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        Not that I am aware of, however you should be able to edit the phrase "Invalid File Specified" to provide more information (tell user's they need to register) and link them back to the main page.

        Go to Admin CP -> Languages & Phrases -> Search in Phrases, search for: Invalid File Specified

        And click Find. You can then edit and provide a translation for the phrase which will show up in place of the original phrase. HTML can be used, BB Code cannot.


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