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Error when uploading image files

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  • Error when uploading image files


    One user on our forum has this error when uploading any type of image. "Invalid File" This error is specific to just this one account, I've tested with other user accounts with the same images and upload works just fine.

    Please see screenshots attatched, and also a screen capture of the web server logs from the same time this error pop up happened.

    Thank you

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    My first question would be why do you have debug logging on? This shouldn't be turned on unless you are told to do so by support. You need to turn this off in your /core/includes/config.php file.

    The message is valid if the file isn't able to be uploaded and manipulated by vBulletin. We perform a number of security checks and attempt to resize images to fit your requirements. However, vBulletin isn't image manipulation software so it doesn't spend a lot of resources on these operations. If they can't be performed, things fail pretty quickly. At that point, the user should be encouraged to manipulate the image in an actual graphic editor so it fits within the limits you specified under Attachments -> Attachment Type Manager.

    If you upgrade to 5.3.1, the error message should be more informative so the user can understand their options.
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