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  • System Error

    I can get into the admincp, but I have a system error message on the forum. I tried to turn on Debug mode (in both config.php), but a message is not posted. No recent changes or updates:
    1. vBulletin Version 5.2.3
    2. PHP Version 5.6.29
    3. MySQL Version 5.6.32
    4. Any Addons installed - no
    5. Does the issue occur in a default style? - yes
    6. Does the issue occur using the English language provided? - yes
    7. Error message on the screen' - A System Error has occured.

      The software is experiencing a systems error.

      You should attempt to repeat your last action. If this error occurs again, please contact the site administrator.
    8. Browser and Browser version used. Firefox 52.0.1 and Chrome 56.0.2924.87
    9. Did you clear the browser cache and did the error continue? yes
    10. A list of steps that can be used to recreate the issue.

    I've seen others with a similar post, but no one posts a resolution.

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    I found the issue. Although it was not posted in a message, login I was using had an old password and it wasn't allowing me to log in on the forum side, only on the admincp side. Not sure why the messages wasn't provided.


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