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How to stop automatic user registration?

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  • How to stop automatic user registration?

    I get 10-20 new accounts that get created on my site everyday, the weird thing is these accounts get created within milliseconds of one another so it has to be a script of some sort. I enabled human verification question and answer, akismet spam, etc.

    Anyone know how these accounts are getting created? I'm getting worried


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    Try enabling Recaptcha 2. This is available on vB 5.2.5 and up. If you're using an older version, you have to upgrade. You have to upgrade anyway (or at least apply the security patches) if you're using 5.2.4 and below as those versions have security vulnerabilities.

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      'Question and Answer' is only useful if you have dozens of questions that can be randomly chosen. Even then, it can be programmed by a targetted bot. Recaptcha2 is more dynamic.

      You'll also find some bots and automatic registration tools use random email addresses like [email protected]. You can stop a lot of these with email verification. Turn it on under Settings -> Options -> User Registration Options. Ban email addresses that look 'iffy' under Settings -> Options -> User Banning Options.

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