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  • rnedelkow
    Senior Member
    • May 2014
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    • 5.1.x

    Header Background image on mobile

    Hi All, I'm looking for help with the placement of a Header Background image on mobile devices. I made the change in Style Variable Editor > header_background and the image is displayed on top of the titleimage on my phone. On desktops, the header image is placed next to the titleimage.

    Is there another stylevar that controls the placement of the header background image on mobile?
  • Trevor Hannant
    vBulletin Support
    • Aug 2002
    • 24178
    • 5.7.X

    There isn't a separate stylevar for Mobile - you would likely need some form of condition in the template so that it shows one image if the view size is under a certain size and another if over...
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