notifications are received by users that have no access to channel

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  • panoramia
    • Oct 2013
    • 93
    • 5.1.x

    notifications are received by users that have no access to channel

    Dear Sirs,

    I am having problems with notifications. I wanted to create a private channel only visible to me as an administrator. I have changed the permission of that channel so nobody can view posts or anything, everything is set to no for the Channel Members, so no channel member should be able to see anything. That works, I have a dummy user that can't see the channel, only the administrator.

    BUT... there is a but... all channel members and and registered users are receiving notifications from those hidden posts only available to that channel that is only visible and accessible as an administrator

    I need to disable that. That channel should NOT send any notifications to any user, it's channel that can only be seen by an administrator, why are all members being notified of new posts? I don't understand. Shouldn't that be automatically disabled? If a channel is only visible to Administrators and all channel members and registered users have no access to it, all is set to no, why are they still receiving notifications?

    Also those users subscribed to my username (my username is also the administrator), are ALSO receiving those notifications that's crazy!

    How can I fix this problem? I've attached a screenshot of the notifications that members that have no access to the channel are receiving. The attachment clearly shows that that use is subscribed to me, but the channel is hidden to him, why is he being notified? How can we prevent that from happening? I need to have a hidden channel to which nobody has access and no notification is received? How can I do that?

    Thanks a lot for your time, patience and support.
  • glennrocksvb
    Former vBulletin Developer
    • Mar 2011
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    • 5.7.X

    That sounds like a bug. I recommend you open a JIRA bug report.

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    • Wayne Luke
      vBulletin Technical Support Lead
      • Aug 2000
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      • 6.0.X

      There is an open JIRA for this here:
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