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  • JDekkers
    • Oct 2013
    • 38
    • 5.0.X

    Change google title

    Goodevening all,

    Is there any way to change the google title when people search for my forum? At the end as you can see, there is the word 'home' and i would very much like that to be deleted but i dont know where to do this in Vbulletin 5.

    Thanks in advance
  • glennrocksvb
    Former vBulletin Developer
    • Mar 2011
    • 3955
    • 5.7.X

    You probably had "Home" as the page title of homepage before and Google has not crawled your site yet after you changed it to "Forums" which you have now. Once it crawled your site, "Home" will become "Forums".

    If you have Google Webmasters account and your forum is listed there, then you can tell Google to fetch your site right now and after few minutes or hours, Google will have the updated info for your homepage.

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