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  • Google tracking

    So, I want to add Google tracking Analytics to the forum site.

    Is there a quick way to do this?

    Or do I need to place the script on the bottom of every page on the forum?

    Would be nice if I can put it on all pages at once.

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    Google Webmaster Tools


    You can either paste the code into the AdminCP or you can upload the XML file directly to the HTML root of your server.

    You only need to do either of these options once.


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      Keep in mind this is Google Analytics... not the webmaster tools.

      They give you a tracking code that you can put right on the page.

      If I have a template, then I can put it on the template and it will track all the pages.

      They also give you php implementation.
      PHP ImplementationOPTIONAL

      • Use the code above to create a file named "analyticstracking.php", and include the file on each PHP template page.
      • Add the following line to each template page immediately after the opening <body> tag:


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        AdminCP > Settings > Options > Google Analytics.

        Make sure you exclude the <script></script> tags. A lot of people make mistake on that.

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