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  • elindo
    • Sep 2016
    • 76
    • 1.1.x

    Blogs and articles....

    Can members create their own blogs and articles?

    The way I am using VBulletin I will delete the tab of "forums".. and I am going to concentrate in the groups in which members can create their own groups.

    I will leave the tabs of blogs and articles if members are able to create their own blogs and articles.... and btw... can people respond to blogs and articles????

  • Wayne Luke
    vBulletin Technical Support Lead
    • Aug 2000
    • 73442
    • 6.0.X

    If you give them permission to do so they can. By default, users have permission to create 1 blog each but not submit articles. You can edit permissions in the AdminCP under Channels -> Channel Permissions.

    Default permissions allow registered users to comment on Blogs and Articles. You can adjust this per Blog or Article Channel.
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    Wayne Luke
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