5.2.3 Topics Slow to Load or Fail to Load

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  • Masterjts
    New Member
    • Mar 2015
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    • 5.1.x

    5.2.3 Topics Slow to Load or Fail to Load

    I have a small 200 person forum hosted by bluehost.com

    Recently in the past 3 weeks the forum has dramatically slowed down. The main forum list almost always loads and loads fairly quickly but when you click a topic to load into that topic it stalls out and can take 2-3 minutes to load. Sometimes it fails to load and the page just stays white.

    I think this might be a host issue because bluehost.com has been spiraling down for the past year or two but I thought I would check here before switching hosts to see if anyone else has run into this issue.

    My server versions are
    cPanel 11.52.6
    Apache 2.2.31
    PHP 5.2.17
    MySQL 5.5.42
    Perl 5.10.1
    The problem seems to come and go randomly. The problem also seems to be different user to user. Some users do not seem to be affected while others cant use the forum at all anymore and many others are inbetween the two extremes.

    There are no database errors thrown.

    Anyone else run into a situation like this?
  • glennrocksvb
    Former vBulletin Developer
    • Mar 2011
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    • 5.7.X

    The minimum required PHP version for vB 5.2.3 is PHP 5.4. You only have 5.2.17. I wonder why your site is working at all.

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    • Wayne Luke
      vBulletin Technical Support Lead
      • Aug 2000
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      • 6.0.X

      In cPanel please go to the PHP version icon and set your PHP version to 5.6. If PHP 5.6 is not available, please ask your hosting provider to upgrade cPanel to the latest version.
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      • Masterjts
        New Member
        • Mar 2015
        • 29
        • 5.1.x

        Sorry, I just copied basic table. (basic table shows 5.2 no matter what you set it to). 5.2 is the server default unless you specify a different version. (which I have)

        Im running PHP 5.6 (Single php.ini)

        confirmed from the vbulletin admin panel its on PHP 5.6.24

        Here is the forum link if anyone wants to go there and see how it is working.

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        • Kevin Sours
          Lead Developer
          • Apr 2008
          • 601
          • 5.5.x

          It may actually be the issue here: http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/VBV-16342
          If it is creating a phrase called "working" should resolve it. It's hard to tell because the behavior from that issue is wildly erratic to begin with.


          • Masterjts
            New Member
            • Mar 2015
            • 29
            • 5.1.x

            Our forum is doing that as well but I dont think that is the cause of the lag times.


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