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  • Delete a user and all their posts

    Frankly, there are some problems and/or oddities with basic moderation in vBulletin.

    I'm a noob to vBulletin, so please enlighten me if I'm not using things correctly.

    Here are my findings from a new install of 5.2.3 and 3 spammer accounts that appeared over the weekend.

    Goal: delete and/or ban user and all their posts. (simple right?)

    Click on Users --> Search for Users --> Show All Users
    Select "Delete User" (this user has a post count of 4)

    The message I get is that all posts will be changed to "Guest".. Okay, that's a strange behavior, but Okay.. not really what I want to do... Instead, there is another message below:
    "If you want to prune all the user's messages first, please click here."

    I click on the link and it takes me to a iframe'd version of my site that says:
    "Invalid Page URL. If this is an error and the page should exist, please contact the system administrator and tell them how you got this message."

    Okay, that didn't work.

    Instead, I redo my steps and instead of selecting delete user, I click on the user to take me to the "User Manager".

    You would think there was a quick user link to both "Ban IP Address" and "Delete User and all their Content"

    When I click on "Ban User".. It takes me to that same iframe'd version of my site.. with that same bad / vague error message.

    Okay, I hit the back button to look again at the Quick User Links.

    This time I select "Delete User".
    "Are you sure you want to delete the user called 'shiftingquotes12'?"

    I hit "Yes". It then takes me to a page that says "Invalid User".

    I click on Search for Users again --> show all users.

    The user is now gone from the list. :-/ well good. Thanks, for the confirmation??

    so, I go to one of the posts by that now "deleted" user that is now set to "Guest".

    I find the "delete topic" button and click it. Awesome, there it looks like I can delete all topics and posts by "guest" by clicking on the Spam Management checkbox. That would be cool.
    Delete Topic
    Deleting 1 post(s).
    Delete Options:
        'Soft' delete - Leave "Deleted" Message
        Permanently remove
    Soft Delete will allow the content to be restored later, whereas Permanently Removing the content will permanently remove it from the database. Please choose wisely.
    Deleting the first post of a topic will result in the deletion of the topic.
    Reason for deletion (Optional):
    Spam Management:
        Delete other posts and topics started by the affected users
    Punitive Action:
    What do you want to do to the affected user(s)?
        Do nothing
        Ban these users

    I did that and this is the response I receive:

        Your criteria is not restrictive enough and might return too many results. Please restrict your criteria and try again. (criteria_not_restrictive)
    uhg... now looking around some more and this time I check the post checkbox and click the edit icon to remove the post there.
    Same window and result as above.

    The only way I could delete the post was by deselecting spam management.

    Do I really have to delete all posts individually?

    I can go on.... and yes, I'm guessing that since I'm a newb I haven't learned the correct way of doing things.. but my point is (after being a tech guy for 15+ years) that this forum has a big lack of intuitive behavior to the moderation process.

    Vague errors messages, and complete lack of expected functionality.

    Sorry if that is harsh.


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    There are some issues with some of the admincp prune tools. I think the intention is that this stuff should be done via the front end now. At present you have to do a bit of mix-and-match between the two.

    The way I would do this is via the front end. Pick one of the user's posts, tick and go into the delete post options from the floating bar.
    This should spawn a pop-over window with the delete options.

    First choose either soft delete or physically delete.
    Then select "Delete other posts and topics started by the affected users".
    Then press Delete.
    You will get a confirmation screen. You may get asked to log in also.

    Once this has done its job (if there are lots of posts this could take quite a while, just leave it running), go in and delete the user via the AdminCP.

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      Fair enough, will give it a shot.


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