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viglink / forum-runner & vb5?

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  • viglink / forum-runner & vb5?

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Name:	2016-07-30 (1).png
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ID:	4349346Can someone advise, please, on the status of VigLink and Forum Runner in regards their individual capabilities to operate within the framework of vB5?

    VigLink: I have used them previously and made a few pennies from them - yay!

    However, when I left my online presence over a year back, I disabled all sorts of advertising stuff and just handed the forum's admin access (not technical) to someone else to moderate it a while so I could get some peace and quiet, in my own lil' world.

    Anyway, here I am a year or so on and one of the first things I did was upgrade vb4 to vb5. I've considered putting VigLink back on but the instructions seems incredibly ... well, "sparse" may not do justice.

    The plugin suggests it is only to be used with vB3x or vB4x with little mention of vB5. However, I ran an email over to VigLink support and they said to simply update my VL account to reflect vB5 instead of vB4. Which I've done and then downloaded the linked file from Their instructions aren't exactly compelling, I'm afraid to say. And you may even consider give warning alike to, "Asking about other products should be done on not here!" except that you have incorporated VigLink as part of the fuller system and even has it's own little corner in the members' area, so I think I should be safe asking about it here.

    The above image shows that VigLink 'hook' (whatever a hook means is beyond me, sorry) is not functional or disabled or something but either way, it's got a big fat line through it - as does the Forum Runner thing.

    So, my question:

    Can I safely install the 'add on' from for VigLink in vB5 even though it seems to suggest it is only for vB3/vB4?
    If so... how? Do I just click on the "Manage Products" tab and then hit "Add/Import Product" as it used to be in previous incarnations of vB or do I need to muster some sort of spiritual being to guide me on coding and suchlike?

    VB 5.4.1 - PHP 7..2.4 - MySQL 5.5.56
    No Addons - none at all.

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    I don't think you have to install something as it is already installed by default, only disabled. Go to Manage Products and enable VigLink. I'm not sure if it works though. I haven't tried it before.
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      Aye, but I'm not sure when it was installed vs what differs in the more updated (2014) version... so I suspect it may need to be uninstalled then reinstalled using newer (2014) version.
      VB 5.4.1 - PHP 7..2.4 - MySQL 5.5.56
      No Addons - none at all.


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