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  • Tag - various issues

    VB 5.2.2
    PHP 5.4.45
    MySQL 5.5.50
    No Addons - none at all.
    All issues occur in default style since upgrade to VB5
    All issues occur in English/default language since upgrade to VB5
    Observed in firefox47, MS Edge & MSIE11

    1) Tags no longer seem to be tied to a thread (i.e. can't edit just tags, must edit 1st post & other members can't add new tags to thread).
    In the past, VB allowed for standard members (if enabled in ACP) to add tags to threads that the OP may have forgotten about. Admins & Mods could add tags simply by clicking the 'tags' link at the bottom of every page. Now though, tags seem to be embedded into the first post alone. This means no one can add their own suggested tag to a thread without editing the actual post - which of course leaves a big ol' "edited by xx-admin". I realise I can change the time window for editing in ACP but shouldn't this be a standard feature like previous? Or, am I missing something and tags CAN be edited without editing the 1st post and I've just not seen how?

    2) For some reason, when I'm attempting to enter tags into a post using the tag entry window, suggestions are highlighted UNDER the entry window making them somewhat pointless. I've encountered this on my own site using various browsers and on this very forum here.

    3) Sometimes, I'm not sure whether it's 100% of the time or not, tags just vanish - I think it's when I add tags & media to a post.

    So I've just now added a test post on my site with 'test tag' and no media and it seems to have worked without issue, the tag was added.

    Now I've added tags to a new post with a previously uploaded media image and the tags seem to work fine - so far. I've refreshed and they're still present.

    I've uploaded a new image & tagged the post - so far so good.

    I have also uploaded & formatted an image - so far so good.

    I hate to say this, but I can't remember now how the occasional bug occurs. I was almost certain it was to do with media, but I can't recreate it at this time. When it next occurs, I'll reply to this thread with more information.
    VB 5.4.1 - PHP 7..2.4 - MySQL 5.5.56
    No Addons - none at all.

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