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Site Caching Issue (last post in topic not updating properly)

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  • Site Caching Issue (last post in topic not updating properly)

    I may have asked about this before. But I never got a conclusive answer if I did.

    There seems to be a caching issue with my site that occasionally causes the last post in a topic's timestamp to display incorrect information. The post is recorded and you can see the post in the thread. It just doesn't display in the forum overview properly.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is the issue. The last post says it's by "Flame Saber" and shows it was updated at 08:26 AM. But that avatar beside the name is actually mine.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Example 2.jpg
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    Now, when you click on the topic it shows that I responded at 09:00 AM.

    This has been an issue affecting the site for quite a while. As I mentioned in my reply to him, I can clear the system cache and it fixes the issue. But it doesn't stop it from happening. And sometimes it happens often. For example, I cleared the cache immediately before making the reply to him (the last post then was by the user Beholder at 01:28 PM on the 28th) and as soon as I replied, it happened again. For some reason, it seems to happen to this particular topic far more often than any other topics. (I actually can't, off the topic of my head, remember it happening recently to another topic)

    Is there a possibility it could be an issue with the thread itself?
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