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Option to join additional user group gone in VB5?

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  • Option to join additional user group gone in VB5?

    Hi all. I am not talking about the user group in the social groups.

    I am talking about the forum user groups.

    We have some forum's permissions that are based on additional user groups. in VB4.

    So before a new member can post in the club forums. They must first go to their user settings to click join the additional club user group to get approval by a club moderator before they can post in club forums.

    However it seems this function is gone in vb5?

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    This functionality is not available in vB5, sorry.

    You can manually add people to additional usergroups via the admincp though.

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      Thanks for replying.

      I really love vb5's 100% responsive design. works amazingly well on mobile devices compares to vb4.

      However it seems of the important functions are missing from vb5.

      The problem with manually adding people is we have over 10 custom usergroup clubs. And all of them are moderated by their club owner. (not moderator)
      Some clubs have over 3000 additional users.

      I can't give club owners admincp access. And for for us admins to manually approve and edit all users who wants to join custom club is really a lot of work. we have lots of registered users.
      Hope to see this feature comes back in the future vb5 updates. keep doing the good work improving vb5. thanks.


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