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  • sergioloporto
    • Jul 2008
    • 91
    • 3.8.x

    How to ad ads to ad_global_below_navbar


    I have VB5 default styles. These style have templates, such as "ad_global_below_navbar". I tried to add code, or even simple text in these templates (which are native VB5, not VB4), and they don't work. Nothing shows up in the header, footer, etc.

    How can I make them work?

    I need to add ads above <div class="widget-content">, as well as in ad_thread_first_post_content.

    Can you please help?
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  • glennrocksvb
    Former vBulletin Developer
    • Mar 2011
    • 3955
    • 5.7.X

    ad_global_below_navbar is not a vB5 template. It is a vB4 template. You can add global ads in vB5 via Sitebuilder (Edit Site ON) > Header. The ads will display in the header above the navigation bar. To add an ad inside the first post, you go to a thread, enable Sitebuilder and click Edit Page, then in the Conversation Detail module, hover over the pencil icon and choose "Add First Post Content Ad" from the submenu.

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