Advice for forum topic redirects?

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  • fenderbob
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    • Apr 2015
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    Advice for forum topic redirects?

    Well, after getting some great help here over the past few weeks, my forum is in great shape now! Everything is set up and organized exactly how I want it.

    I just have one issue now. I created a number of new forums and kind of consolidated multiple forums into new forum channels. I did not use the redirect option when I moved them, because it wouldn't have mattered because I actually changed the name of my root forum.

    Basically things are like this:

    Old structure: forum/forum/general-discussion
    New structure: forum/forums/discussions

    However, all the old pages (structured forum/forum/general-discussion) are indexed by search engines and when you follow them, you now get a "Page does not exist" error page.

    I have thousands of pages indexed by search engines that have moved and no longer exist where they used to.

    Is there any way I could possibly redirect those directories properly with an entry into the .htaccess file? Might someone be able to provide an example? With all the methods I've tried editing the .htaccess file, vBulletin seems to put extra code at the end of the URL for some reason that definitely makes the URL wrong (something like "?routestring=topicnumber-topictitle...")

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