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"The File You Are Trying To Upload Is Corrupted" Message

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  • "The File You Are Trying To Upload Is Corrupted" Message

    Some of our users are starting to experience this message when they try to upload images. They are under the max file size, and are the proper image format. There appears to be no rhyme or reason for which images get the corrupt message. This is new. Is this a bug?

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    The most likely cause is that it is an image type that doesn't match the extension of the image. Since code can be inserted into images, we check this. It is not new but improper naming is becoming more commonplace as the browsers will look inside an image instead of relying on the extension or metadata these days.
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      I am getting same error

      The file you are trying to upload is corrupted.

      Exception trace:

      ## E:\****\forum-alpha\core\vb\library\content\attach.php(555) Exception Thrown

      #0 E:\****\forum-alpha\core\vb\api\content\attach.php(504): vB_Library_Content_Attach->uploadAttachment('1', Array, true, false)

      #1 E:\****\forum-alpha\core\vb\api\content\attach.php(344): vB_Api_Content_Attach->uploadAttachment(Array)

      #2 E:\****\forum-alpha\core\vb\api\wrapper.php(201): vB_Api_Content_Attach->upload(Object(stdClass))

      #3 E:\****\forum-alpha\includes\api\interface\collapsed.php(101): vB_Api_Wrapper->__call('upload', Array)

      #4 E:\****\forum-alpha\includes\vb5\frontend\controller\uploader.php(677): Api_Interface_Collapsed->callApi('content_attach', 'upload', Array)

      #5 E:\****\forum-alpha\includes\vb5\frontend\controller\uploader.php(790): blueImpUploadHandler->handle_file_upload('F:\\temp\\phpB68E...', 'baaghi3-28.jpg', 58316, 'image/jpeg', 0)

      #6 E:\****\forum-alpha\includes\vb5\frontend\controller\uploader.php(305): blueImpUploadHandler->post()

      #7 E:\****\forum-alpha\index.php(74): vB5_Frontend_Controller_Uploader->actionUpload()

      #8 {main}


      Not able to upload attachments.

      Please help, I have upgraded version 4.2.5 to 5.5.6.


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        The same advice may apply.....if you upload the attachment to this site, does it work?

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          Thanks Mark, it worked.

          But getting now customavatars display issue, custom avatar is not showing even though it uploaded in directory & save in customavatars table in database.

          Dont know why its taking default avatar always.

          please help
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