Notifications are not sending, and are truncated

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  • miva
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    • Mar 2016
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    • 5.1.x

    Notifications are not sending, and are truncated

    So the company I work for was on VB 4 for a long, long time. I had basically frankensteined the hell out of the site. Recently we upgraded to 5, and with it slapped on a sexy new theme, which I then updated just a little bit so it jived with our branding.

    Once this thing launched, the complaints started rolling in. Most of these are people who just need to get used to a new way to do things, it was a large upgrade after all. But there is still a few outstanding issues, the biggest being notifications not being sent. Now, as I said this was an upgrade, so we already had an existing user base, with all their preferences and stuff.

    I assume that this has something to do with the new way things can be done in the upgrade, or some change in the preferences, but has anyone else come across this? The notifications do seem to go through for a few people, but not most. When those notifications go through, they are truncated.

    I have tested this myself, changed my notification settings, nothing seems to work.

    Any help would be OUTSTANDING. Thank you.
  • Wayne Luke
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    • Aug 2000
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    There is an outstanding issue where daily digest and weekly digests do not get sent via scheduled tasks. Are the missing notifications from Forum/Channel or Topic subscriptions? Does the email system work properly otherwise? Do the subscription records exist in the database? They would be in the subscribeddiscussion table.
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