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work around for broken post icons?

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  • Wayne Luke
    baseurl_core is set in your /config.php file. It should be your site +/core at the end. The images should be stored in the /core/images/icons/ directory included with your vBulletin system.

    topic.iconid is the icon value stored with the topic when it is created or edited.

    To reset the counter, you would have to truncate the icon table. It uses an auto-increment just like most other tables in vBulletin.

    The size is probably being overwritten in the CSS so you would have to use your browser's developer tools find the class used (after rendering) and create an updated version in css_additional.css to change the size.

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  • IggyP
    ok....well i did some experiments on a clean test site...i was able to sub the files of both sizes with identical filename and they displayed properly, in 16px...

    even after editing template i still could not get that code to load the 24px i set in the display_Topics_item (to get the larger icons to display right)...

    but thats lesser issue to my live site...

    the problem on my live site has occured because some icons were added then removed...

    now the "counter" will not reset even when i restore the default up to like 60+iconid just from trying to fix it there a way to reset that???


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  • IggyP
    started a topic work around for broken post icons?

    work around for broken post icons?

    i see theres still a bug in these but i wonder if anyone could help me find a work around? i have tried some time now and fail...

    the issue seems to be regarding the template display_Topics_item

    specifically the line of code:
    <img class="js-post-icon h-align-middle" src="{vb:var baseurl_core}/images/icons/icon{vb:var topic.iconid}.png" width="16" height="16" alt="" />
    couple questions...where can these vb:variables be found? i cant locate in any search or phrases...the issue seems to be in particular with the /icon{vb:var topic.iconid}.png" part, which is labeling the icons incorrectly...basically adding another # each time so if you use icon19 it will make a link that says icon20 which does not exist, so displays a broken image...then if u change it again it will be icon21 and so on...

    ...they will display in a post view but not topic view...

    also confuse because i tried to change those width and height 16 setting for some larger test 24px ones but then the html still loads the same 16px and i cant find where that is overriding...

    kinda just wanna be able to use post icons is it possible?

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