Trying to change the landing page, please help!

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  • Finger78
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    Trying to change the landing page, please help!

    I have been trying for hours to create a custom landing page and have the base url direct to this landing page.

    I have tried a few methods of posts I've read from support members of this website and neither are working.

    THIS POST used with this post did not work, when i attempted to save the new page with the */ I get an error pop up saying "An unexpected error was returned: 'Duplicate route data: '"

    Then, I went back after I saved the new home page */home (because it wouldnt let me save it originally as */) and edited the page and removed the */home to */ and now when I click on the Home nav button (also edited to show */) it just stays on the now labeled */boards and I cannot get to the home page */ at all now.

    And then I read this post about editing the htaccess file to redirect and it broke my site until I removed the added text, then it gave my site horrible caching issues within the browser not allowing me to log into the homepage until I literally cleared everything from Chrome aside from stored passwords.

    Can ANYONE give me a real, working solution to this with vB 5.2.0??
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