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Useful things that could be achieved with VB4

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  • Useful things that could be achieved with VB4

    Beyond the forum-detroying-experiences we face everyday after our (regretful) decision to upgrade from VB4 to VB5, we used to have functionalities that made the stay of our users easier but there are nowhere in VB5.

    In the bottom of the thread page we had:
    a)Who reads the thread now
    b)Who has read the thread
    c)Similar Threads

    Any chance that these can be materialized in VB5?

    And an off-topic opinion. Reading the VB stuff saying that the company is not obliged to have VB5 in parity (aa far as features are concerned) with VB4 and in the same moment to motivate us to upgrade (and have us loosing tons of functionality) is at least frustrating.

    The only thing I can hope is a nice 5.2.0

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    I know this is an older post, but I would also like to see this.

    EDIT: Apparently its a feature request. I would encourage people to vote for it.

    Just click vote for under operations on the left hand side.


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      vB5 is designed to be a different product to vB4. It lacks some features of vB4, but it also has many features that vB4 does not have.

      With regards to the features mentioned, they aren't present mainly because vB5 was 'forked' from vB4 at a point before those features were added to vB4.

      There are however tracker entries to add them back. Please vote and comment on these:

      Who has read a thread:

      Similar threads:

      Users reading thread now:
      This can actually be achieved already by adding a What's Going On module to the forum page and setting it to "Show users for this page only".
      However it currently lacks the ability to restrict viewing this to certain usergroups, which has a separate tracker request: VBV-1553. Also VBV-13530 covers hiding the module when it's empty.

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