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  • VB recommendations from Veterans

    I have a site that I am trying to build and Im using VB5. I have ZERO experience with coding and Ive taught myself a lot by reading and watching youtube stuff, but its very difficult to get stuff going.

    Im thinking of hiring a professional coder, but when I google search there are a bunch of different sites. Can someone please recommend a legit and respectable site where I can go and try to hire a coder to help me with my vb site?

    and if I go to a site, what type of coder am I looking for? (I see stuff like javascript, php, html, asp coding, etc.)

    What type of qualifications does someone need to work on VB5 sites?


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    It depends on what you want done. Unfortunately, it's easy to get taken for a ride by someone who claims to know what they're doing. Make sure you check several references before hiring anyone.

    Ask to see several examples of a coder's work and confirm with the site that it is, in fact, that coder's work.


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      Also, make sure the coder has experience with VB5 not just VB in general.


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        Thanks. Do you recommend a website to find such coders...?


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          Does VB5 use php or asp or javascript or all?

          What types of specific info should I look for?


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            vB5 uses PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery.

            Btw, I replied to your new content slider module follow up email. I sent you a link to a prototype I created for a content slider module that can display multiple slides at a time.

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