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  • Logo has gone missing

    Hi, My logo has vanished and when I try and load it up again nothing happens.
    all that shows is a little text "logo" on all my pages.

    What did I do wrong to mess it up?
    can anyone help me fix it?

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    There is a bug report regarding missing logos after an update to vB 5.1.9 (VBV-15088), and maybe this issue is affecting you.

    What happens if you reupload the logo? Is it even possible?


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      When I try and re-upload the logo, it seems like it's uploading but the logo doesn't appear, just says loading for a few seconds then stops.
      i've tried loading from my pc and via the image hosting, same thing.
      It's only started after I was flicking through different themes last week, normally I just keep the one theme.


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        oh no, the problem is bigger then just the logo.
        it's all pictures loaded to the forum!

        I really need someone to help me with this please.

        here you can see what a post looks like that should be showing 3 pictures, instead it's just like this..

        there should be 3 pictures instead of this.


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