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Mysql error with Sphinx enabled

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  • Mysql error with Sphinx enabled


    Since a long time I get sporadic errors emails indicating "Database Error".
    I finally have time to investigate, and it seems to happen when a user is writting an answer to a topic.
    The message is well stored but the error is displayed to the user with next content (and a warning email is sent)

    Error Database error in vBulletin 5.1.9: Invalid SQL: UPDATE vt_new SET lastcontentid = 0, textcount = 2, lastcontent = 0, prefixid = 2408688624, tagid = (1077,2387,3034) WHERE id = 695503; MySQL Error : sphinxql: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting FROM or ',' near 'version' Error Number : 1064 Request Date : Sunday, October 25th 2015 @ 08:44:14 AM Error Date : Sunday, October 25th 2015 @ 08:44:15 AM Script : http:///create-content/text/ Referrer : IP Address : xx.xx.xx.xx Username : slinouille Classname : vB_Database_MySQLi MySQL Version : Stack Trace: #line vB_Database->halt() called in [path]/vb/database/mysqli.php on line 176 #line vB_Database_MySQLi->execute_query() called in [path]/vb/database.php on line 504 #line vB_Database->query_write() called in [path]/packages/vbsphinxsearch/core.php on line 223 #line vBSphinxSearch_Core->attributeChanged() called in [path]/vb/api/search.php on line 565 #line vB_Api_Search->attributeChanged() called in [path]/vb/library/node.php on line 5298 #line vB_Library_Node->updateParentCountsList() called in [path]/vb/library/node.php on line 5251 #line vB_Library_Node->updateParentCounts() called in [path]/vb/library/content.php on line 759 #line vB_Library_Content->afterAdd() called in [path]/vb/library/content/text.php on line 676 #line vB_Library_Content_Text->add() called in [path]/vb/api/content/text.php on line 226 #line vB_Api_Content_Text->add() called in on line #line call_user_func_array() called in [path]/vb/api/wrapper.php on line 121 #line vB_Api_Wrapper->__call() called in on line #line vB_Api_Wrapper->add() called in on line #line call_user_func_array() called in /var/www/html/vt_vb5_prod/includes/api/interface/collapsed.php on line 189 #line Api_Interface_Collapsed->callApi() called in /var/www/html/vt_vb5_prod/includes/vb5/frontend/controller/createcontent.php on line 332 #line vB5_Frontend_Controller_CreateContent->createNewNode() called in /var/www/html/vt_vb5_prod/includes/vb5/frontend/controller/createcontent.php on line 270 #line vB5_Frontend_Controller_CreateContent->index() called in on line #line call_user_func_array() called in /var/www/html/vt_vb5_prod/index.php on line 82
    It seems to be related to Sphinx that I'm using for Search purpose.

    I googled this kind of error without succeeding to solve the issue.

    Perhaps someone has an idea.

    Thanks for any help.


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    In 5.1.7, we made some changes to how Sphinx Search worked. This requires rebuilding the indexes completely under Sphinx as if you are installing it for the first time. If you did not do this, you will get database errors.
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    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


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      Thank You Wayne.

      I totally forgot to perform this while installing 5.1.7.

      I will and come back to you


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