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    Hello. Im new to vbulletin. Im trying to setup the structure of my blogs pages for members who want to join. From the home page, when I click on BLOGS, it takes me to a page that is blank. What default template should I use for this first page when members first see it? (When I go to edit the page and select the template, there are 3 templates: default blog template, blog admin template, and blogs main template.) Do you recommend any structure?

    I would like it to be user friendly so that members when they join can create a blog easily. Or should they go first to a blog admin page to set up their blog? im confused as to what structure I should use.

    any help is appreciated.


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    Your blogs page appears to be working fine when I click on it.

    If you mean it's "blank" insofar as it has no blogs, it will be, until people create them. They can do this from ghe Blog homepage.

    There are no specific styles or designs for blogs, they follow the same style as the rest of the forum. You shouldn't edit any of the blog templates in the admincp unless you know what you're doing and have a working knowledge of html, css and also vBulletin template syntax.

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