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  • 5.1.6 Publish to Facebook

    I have been reluctant to setup facebook logins on my forum, however, my users are requesting this. I setup my facebook info a while ago so I plugged the info in on my 5.1.6 test install and logins work as expected. I logged in and successfully attached my facebook account to my user. When I tested the publish to facebook function on a new post, my facebook wall did not show the post. Does this function work or am I doing something wrong. I don't want to implement facebook on my live site if full functionality is not there.

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    My experience testing it is that there are is frequency a delay in seeing it come up. It more reliably shows if you go your "activity log". I was unable to determine why this happens researching the Facebook documentation. Its also possible that you need to get your App reviewed by facebook -- though if you are the App "developer" it shouldn't matter.

    I can say that I successfully posted to my wall in testing and that I have observed a vB user do the same in the wild.


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      Thanks Kevin. I'll look into getting the app reviewed. It's been a few days and nothing has appeared.


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        Ok, the problem was I never got my app reviewed, and after re-visiting my developer page on facebook, I remembered why. Facebook terminology and the app development section confuses the hell out me, so I won't be completing my app development. I will just use the login portion of the facebook integration that works and hide the rest of it. If the users don't know about it, they won't miss it.


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