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  • Forum styles messed up!!

    Greetings, I moved my forum files to another directory using my FTP manager, my server was undergoing maintenance so I had to put an index page to notify members, however.. When I restored my forum and deleted all the files except the forum files, I entered my website and the styles was messed up, 99% of the forum wasn't functioning well nor working normally, including the admincp.
    My attempts to resolve the situation but failed:
    • Restarting the server
    • Purging the cache of the website.
    • Re-installing vbulletin itself (Reconnected to the same database to avoid data-loss)

    Side notice:
    I believe that this error accord due to the settings that I changed before I move the forum to another directory, the files path specifically or because of the SSL, not really sure!
    Helping me in this case is greatly appreciated.
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    Managed to fix the website by creating a new directory with the same name that I used before then moving the forum files to it, changed the website url in the settings then moved it back.



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      When you move your files to another directory, you will also need to update the URL settings in the AdminCP under Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details.
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