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  • Images in new forum?

    I just completed upgrading my 4x forum into the latest vb5.

    after getting it all working, changing the settings to see the custom avatars etc, I noticed a couple things.

    primarily, I cannot upload anything to the board. I cannot change the logo in the theme using the site builder, nor can I upload an avatar as a user. the forum claims I've done it, but the file never gets uploaded

    in the case of my avatar, I click edit avatar, select the new one to upload. it appears in the window, i continue, and it just reverts back to the original.

    on the forum header for the logo, i turn site editing on, edit the heade,r click the edit button, choose the logo and i get an error saying it can't upload. So i try using an offsite hosting, choosing the second option, entering the correct URL and saving. It never retrieves the image, nor does it save my setting. when the page is refreshed it shows the previous logo.

    there has to be somewhere in the paths I've set that it's not accepting, but I can't find where this is in the admin cp.

    not only that, when i go into the cp and change to move files to directories instead of the setting to store them in the database, I choose the directory, it claims it is ok (at first it said it couldn't write to the directory, but it should have been able to, the chmod was 770 and since the forum runs under the apache user, it had permission,. so i had to set the unacceptable chmod to 777. and even then, which will not happen in the live environment anyway, it then claims it worked, yet nothing changes. i go back to the page, the option is reverted to store images in the database, yet this time if I repeat the same correct instructions, it now tells me the path is incorrect.

    sorry for the frustration but with the horrid support I've gotten spending two weeks getting this forum upgraded, and it only happened because I figured out the problem, support stopped responding to the ticket nearly two days ago (thanks fellas, i hope your pay reflects your helpfulness because it sure isn't reflected int he abhorrent price) and I'm beyond upset now.

    so can someone please point me in the right direction on this issue> I cannot find in the cp where I need to specify any other paths.

    beyond that, what needs to be done to make the forum recognize correct directory perms and function correctly?
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    By the way, I've run an upgrade test in maintenance and it completes without errors


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