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Upgrade to 5.1.5 is missing files

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  • Upgrade to 5.1.5 is missing files

    Hello. I copied a forum in version 3.8.6 to a test location and all was fine. After upgrade to 5.1.5, following the instruction to delete pre-existing files first, css info seems to be missing, and the forum says that /auth/login-form is missing, and admincp has no php files in it, only img and js directories. I entered the customer number and config info using install.php in the web, then continued with the command line at the "delete makeconfig.php and continue" point. The upgrade proceeded and reported success. Does anyone know what I did wrong?

    Many thanks.

    Ann Cantelow

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    Please make sure to upload the .htaccess file in the forum root directory. If you're on a Mac and haven't configured it to see hidden files, then upload the htaccess.txt file and rename it once it is on your server to .htaccess.

    If you're on an IIS server you must install the URL Rewrite module from Microsoft's website.

    If you're on an NGINX server, you must integrate the vhosts file in the do_not_upload folder into your server configuration.
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      Many thanks! This problem turned out to be a couple of problems.

      The .htaccess file was indeed missing. I started over from version 3.8.6 in this test location, dropping and creating the database to clear it first and restoring data from backup, and started with a new copy of vbulletin 5.1.5 with .htaccess included.

      After upgrade, the css data still seemed to be missing, and there was that request for /auth/login-form-- but it referenced the live site instead of this test one! It turned out that when I created the test version to copy here to work on, I had only changed the location of the site url but missed changing the forum url.

      I started over again with version 3.8.6 with urls fixed and this time the upgrade was successful!


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