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  • Editor Issues help?

    There are some issues with the editor used in the latest VB. Can someone please tell me what version of CKEditor is used for the latest VBulletin? Is it possible to upgrade the editor direct from the CKEditor site?

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    you can delete the other post above since the only reason its there was due to severe lag to Let me say, that when you refuse to answer, you are acknowledging that a) either you have your money, so who cares? or b) how dare some idiot lambast our perfect software! Are you aware of the ckeditor issues or are you not? Would it be possible for you to say.. "we are aware of the problem and are looking into it" or, if you are not aware, asking someone like ME who is experiencing problems to expound on this issue? I do not make up issues so you guys have something to do. I am on PRODUCTION HOLD until this issue is resolved. What else do you need from me?


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