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    Hi guys, I am trying to add a page like this ( ) on my forum and I cannot figure out how. There is no module to add to a page to be able to edit text like that. I want to be able to have access to the txt editor on this new page to be able to write colored txt and add video links, exactly like in a normal forum post.

    Thanks alot

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    That is just using Static HTML Module. You can add any HTML/CSS/Javascript inside that module. Just make sure the HTML is well-formed or else your site layout might mess up.

    You do this in Sitebuilder (Edit Site ON) > New Page and then drag and drop the Static HTML module to the page. You can change the screen layout to 100%.

    The editor used for entering the HTML is just a plain textarea, you will not be able to preview iy until you save the page. I recommend doing the HTML as a standalone html file to be able to quickly edit and preview it. Then when you're done, you just copy and paste the HTML to the module.

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      Thank you very much Glenn, I thought that will be a easier way.

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