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    Hi all

    I'm running VB 5 Beta 24, and I'm getting my head around the changes and operations of this version of VB.

    However I'm not having much luck on a the following items:

    • creating a link only forum (VB 4 had this, but I can't seem to either find the option or work out how to get it to work)
    • Descriptions for forums/categories. A number of my forums and their upper level 'categories' have a description as entered through the Admin Control Panel in the 'description' box. Some appear some don't.

    The following is a very brief idea what I mean:

    Overall Forum Top Level Channel (description not showing)
    - Forum set as category only (description not showing)
    --Forum (description displays on front landing page for "forum" but doesn't appear if you click on it to go into the forum itself)
    ---Sub Forums where applicable (description not showing both on landing page or if you click into the sub forum's own page)

    • Additionally I've tried adding headings to the navigational bar, but not sure what is supposed to go into 'target url' box. It defaults to just a # which prevents anything from happening other than to show the newly added navigational tab I just created. I'm trying to create 2, that when click simply show the 'sub item' below (which I have done) and then the user can click the appropriate url link from there. I'm still investigating this one ont eh forums but thought I'd mention it here anyway just in case someone can either advise with more information what I need to do or point me to some threads, otherwise I'll keep looking on this one.

    Thank you.


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    1) You can't create Link Forums in vBulletin 5. There is a JIRA on this.

    2) The display of sub-forums within their parents is being reworked so descriptions will show.

    3) You would enter the URL of where you want the tab to link to. If the tab is labeled Google and you want it to link to you would enter If it is called "Online Users" and you want it to link to the Online Users page, then you would enter in /online.
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    Wayne Luke
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      Dear Wayne

      Awesome, thank you for this.

      Some searches I found seem to imply link forums were available to sue, but that's fine, thank you for clarifying this.

      I'll keep my eye out on future releases for the description matter to be sorted and I'll have a play with the navigational bar again with thanks to your information.

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