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Is /forum Still a Good Option For VB5?

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  • Is /forum Still a Good Option For VB5?

    This may be a dumb question but I have a website that already has a unique homepage that was coded from the ground up. I wanted to add vb5 in a /forum sub directory. Is VB5 meant to run within a sub folder or is it more intended to be the main site as well as forum? Sorry, if its a dumb question but I havent used a forum setting since maybe vb3. LOL.

    Now lets say I do make it a sub directory and in the future I want to rid of my custom homepage and just use vb5 as my homepage as well. Would it be difficult to move everything out of a /forum folder and into /root without many complications?

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    vbulletin5 can easily run from a subdomain! I am actually doing the same as you do, its mainly a matter of preferences I suppose. I am unsure about moving your forums though. This will screw up your URLS and Seo I assume? Perhaps a staff member could answer that.


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      You can easily move your forum from a subfolder to your root of your domain. All you have to do is to change the URL in the software, that's just it. Like Grotesque said (geez, that signature pic is huge. LOL) you might lose links from like google etc. when doing this (but you can mainly forward them with .htaccess to a new location). Like when you now run vB5 in a subfolder and want to use the upcoming CMS for vB5 being your main site, you simply move the forum and that's it.
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