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Major Problem For Blog Owners

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  • Mark.B
    Best to add these to the tracker.

    vB5 Bug

    vB5 Improvement request

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  • David Moore
    started a topic Major Problem For Blog Owners

    Major Problem For Blog Owners

    I noticed this right away, and I know it's going to be a problem for people who create blogs on my site. Blog owners cannot put their website urls in their blog description and make them clickable. I know some site owners won't want this, which is why it should be optional... but it should be there, because I know I wouldn't want to blog on a site where I can't put my url. Would also be cool if blog creators/owners could enter their own adsense id for their blog only. I'm just thinking of ways this can be attractive for our users.

    Also, I noticed some settings don't stick when you save your blog owner settings... Like parse links automatically, if you click it and press save... then go back, it's unchecked again.

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