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  • Image Properties for random jpg's

    Hi all. I am trying to make a really nice instructional post and I want to put a 2 pixel border with a 6 pixel radius around my imported images. Can this be done? How do I know what is allowed in the STYLE line? Thanks! Having fun with the new software so far!

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    Yes you can, you can put in any CSS code you would put manually into a style="" section of an HTML element.

    <img src="whatever.jpg" style="CODE YOU ENTER GOES HERE">

    An exmaple:

    border:2px solid blue; -webkit-border-radius: 6px; -moz-border-radius: 6px; border-radius: 6px;
    NOTE- You will not see the border on the preview, you must submit the post to see it.


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      Perfect! Thank you Joe. Along these same lines, I have a few more..

      1) How would you go about text-align:justify; on the entire post? As a commercial printer, I fell in love with both right and left force justify and it just looks better to me.
      2) There is a blue box with all of the attachments listed in red below each post. Is there a setting where I can get rid of that in the view?

      This is almost like learning web programming all over again. A challenge, but an enjoyable one!


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        The easiest way to justify all post text will be add some CSS to your css_additional.css template. This is a special template that is applied to all pages and doesn't get altered during upgrades so you can always override existing CSS with it.

        Go to your Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager. For whatever style you are using choose Edit Templates from the drop down menu, then scroll to find the group CSS Templates. Double click on this to expand the group, then double click on the template css_additional.css.

        This will open the template in the template editor. It is OK if it is blank, this template is usually blank until you add to it. If there is code then add this at the very bottom:

        .l-col__flex-3, .l-row__fixed--left > .l-col__flex-3 {  text-align:justify; }
        Save changes.

        Then go back to your forum pages, if all worked out they should be full justified.

        As for #2, there is no way to remove them at this time- this is an issue being worked on and in a future version any images used in the post itself will be removed from the attachment list below automatically.


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