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  • Probem is between my ears...

    The other day I purchased vBulletin and installed Version-5 on my VPS without any issue. Now I seem to be having a problem wrapping my head around how it works. The only other forum software I've ever used is the SMF stuff, so I'm used to categories, forums and subforums. But this talk of channels, nodes, ect. seems to be confusing me for some reason. I'll keep reading and re-reading and pulling on my hair until the light finally comes on, but if anyone knows of any "for dummies" type documentation, I would appreciate a link.

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    Yes, I'm going through it again now. This time I'm going slowly thinking maybe I wasn't paying enough attention the first time. Thanks.


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      Turn on Site Builder by clicking the button to the right of your name.

      Click on "Page Manager"

      Click on Forums

      Create Forums by typing their name in the box.

      If you want a forum to be a category, click the "Make Category" link.

      If you want to create a sub-forum, you want to click the + button.

      If you decide to change the name of a forum, click on its title and you'll get an edit box.

      If you want to change the order of the forums, click on the drag handle on the left (a series of small dots) and drag and drop them where you want them.

      Click "Save Page" at the top when done.

      Currently if you want to set permissions and descriptions for your forums then you would need to do that in the Admin CP under Channel Management -> Channel Manager.
      Translations provided by Google.

      Wayne Luke
      The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
      vBulletin 5 API


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