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Issue with image upload in posts

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  • Issue with image upload in posts

    In my forum ( hosted on hostmonster, there is an issue with uploading images in posts. I have been talking to vBulletin support for more than a week now, however no results...

    Some background info
    • Error log does not show any errors when uploading
    • Host says They said mod_security is always disabled
    • Tried to re-install vBulletin completely with new database
    • Below is some additional info

    Pertinent PHP Settings
    file_uploads: On
    open_basedir: None
    safe_mode: Off
    upload_tmp_dir: home1/solarthe/public_html/temp
    upload_max_filesize: 64.00 MB
    No errors occurred while opening the uploaded file for reading.
    Module Loaded No
    AJAX Unicode Issue Yes
    The above setting will indicate if mod_security is preventing some AJAX requests from being submitted to vBulletin. If this shows Yes then you either need to disable mod_security or change the AJAX settings with the vBulletin Options and disable Problematic features.

    The mod_security module is not loaded in any of hostmonster servers. Here is a
    listing of the apache modules that are installed on your server:

    [email protected] [~]# httpd -l Compiled in modules:
    core.c mod_authn_file.c mod_authn_default.c mod_authz_host.c
    mod_authz_groupfile.c mod_authz_user.c mod_authz_default.c
    mod_auth_basic.c mod_auth_digest.c mod_file_cache.c mod_cache.c
    mod_disk_cache.c mod_mem_cache.c mod_case_filter.c
    mod_case_filter_in.c mod_ext_filter.c mod_include.c mod_filter.c
    mod_deflate.c mod_log_config.c mod_logio.c mod_env.c mod_expires.c
    mod_headers.c mod_setenvif.c mod_version.c mod_ssl.c worker.c
    http_core.c mod_mime.c mod_dav.c mod_status.c mod_autoindex.c
    mod_asis.c mod_info.c mod_suexec.c mod_cgid.c mod_dav_fs.c
    mod_negotiation.c mod_dir..c mod_actions.c mod_userdir.c mod_alias.c
    mod_rewrite.c mod_so.c

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    And what specifically is the error you're getting when you're uploading images?
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      Nothing.. the image just does not show up

      - - - Updated - - -

      when I use ImageMagick, I get an error "Error uploading image". The folder permission I tried both 755 and 777


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