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    I've got the Google Analytics code on my site and have since day 1. It's never worked until 1 day I put a splash page up, GA grabbed that splash page and tracked that but has never tracked my forum. How do I get this working?

    Here's where I put my code and this is my results.

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    Bump. Anything?


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      Seems I got it working by adding the Google Analytic code into the footer template file. The GA settings in the settings group apparently doesn't work. Is this a known issue? Not going to lie, even as a novice forum owner, the amount of basic canned features that just flat out don't work is concerning.


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        I can see in your image that you included the <script> tags. It says this in the admincp setting:

        If the code you got starts with something like "<script type="text/javascript> and ends with "</script>", please DO NOT include those.
        So, try removing the <script> tags and it should work.

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          I'll give that a shot, thank you.


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