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Editing a saved style?

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  • Editing a saved style?

    I'm still playing with the site builder, I have managed to adjust some colours and then save it as a new style. However when exiting the site builder and going back to the colour style bit. How do I load up a previously saved style to edit it?

    i don't seem to see that option?

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    The Style Generator works pretty much the same as it did in 4.X at this point. To edit a style after saving you would have to edit it in the Style Manager in the AdminCP. Either by editing templates or Stylevars.
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      Does that not defeat the object of having a site builder I.e building the site on the front end?

      ill submit an improvement request.


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        The site builder builds the site, not the style right now.


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          I know it's a beta but half of the features are missing, don't work or are incomplete.

          Why have the colour selection and the ability to create a style in the site builder if it's not read to build a 'style right now'?

          Ive submitted an improvement request anyhow a amongst all the other bugs etc I've found.


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            It'll build a style, you just can't edit it. The style generator works mostly the same way in vB4, just for the record.


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              Using templates and stylevars will make a better style anyway - or using css_additional.css and ignoring the stylevars (which is what I do).

              Just by using css_additional.css and uploading two imagea, I've got this so far:-

              Click image for larger version

Name:	homepage.png
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ID:	3690319Click image for larger version

Name:	navbarhover.png
Views:	2
Size:	210.5 KB
ID:	3690320Click image for larger version

Name:	subscriptionstab.jpg
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ID:	3690321
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