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Login as admin lead to 500 Internal error (Version 5.1.0)

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  • Login as admin lead to 500 Internal error (Version 5.1.0)

    Since this morning, when i try to log on my forum with an admin account, i get 500 internal error. Same with admincp... Other account log and use the forum without issues (as far as i know).

    Log i found report error in route.php line 1209 :
    Notice: Undefined index: route in /home/lsd/htdocs/ on line 1209

    Any idear to help me ?

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    got a similar error a few days ago. I don't know if it is the same...but try to log in to admincp. Go to usergroups and edit administrator usergroup.
    Look if it is set a password expiry and delete it. save that without a exipiry and login should work again.

    If not I don't have any idea.


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      I have no way to log into admincp... Any chance i can find that option in the database to hack it directly there ?


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        I would suggest upgrading directly to 5.1.3 and seeing if the error persists.


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          Well, i'd rather fix the problème and then upgrade a functional forum... where is the expiration setting in the database so i can check that first ?


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            The forum doesn't seem to be functional if you're getting internal server errors, and 5.1.3 has a ton of bug fixes, one of which for this specific problem.


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              Ok, i finaly found a fix by myself... :

              - try to log in the forum as admin
              - get a 500 internal error page...
              - go to
              - reset your password
              - enjoy a fully fonctional forum with admin account !
              - go get the 5.1.3 and update !


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                You could have upgraded to 5.1.3 also, since it had the fix for that issue included.


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                  We have a lot of modification and plugins that could break the upgrade. had to test that b4 going into production. Thanks for your help.


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