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    My Signature system is not working

    If i tick the "Show Signature" Box it just untick after i saved it and nothing will be shown :c

    Can someone help me ?

    My Secound problem is, my latest post activity module (made with the searchbar thing)

    Is not showing the Posts correctly. It should show 1minute ago then under it 10 minutes etc. But it shows random like 20 Minutes, 1 Minute

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    no one ?


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      The second issue is known and being worked on.

      We need more information for your first issue. What box are you checking? Where is it located? Do you actually have a signature on the site?
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        My Profile > Edit Settings > Account > Show Signature

        It shows for other People but not for me


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            No help ;S ?


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              Go to
              AdminCP > Maintenance > Execute SQL Query
              Select "On - Display Signatures" from the Automatic Query dropdown and run it.
              Then, run AdminCP > Maintenance > Clear System Cache

              To run Queries in the Admin Control Panel you need to edit your /core/includes/config.php file and add your user ID to the Can Run Queries section. It looks like:

              // ****** USERS WITH QUERY RUNNING PERMISSIONS ******
              // The users specified here will be allowed to run queries from the control panel.
              // See the above entries for more information on the format.
              // Please note that the ability to run queries is quite powerful. You may wish
              // to remove all user IDs from this list for security reasons.
              $config['SpecialUsers']['canrunqueries'] = '';

              Place your user id between the single quotes.
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                Thanks for the help ! :3 Whould be awesome if i could get help with my Edit conflict aswell. But i got no replys anymore :S
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