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Upgrade from 4x to 5x and Unregistered Users Cannot Read Channels

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  • Upgrade from 4x to 5x and Unregistered Users Cannot Read Channels

    I just upgraded from 4.1.1 to 5.1.1 today and when a user is logged in, they can maneuver around the site with no problems. If they are not logged in, clicking on any of the channels set to allow unregistered users to read posts is not working. It reloads the same page they are on even though the URL in the header has the correct location.

    Any ideas on what I need to fix, add, or change to make this issue go away? The forum is

    Thank you,

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    And here is something else I noticed. If you are a logged in user and then log out, you can only access the page you were last on not matter what you do including closing the browser. If you log back in, you can then go anywhere on the forums.


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      Troubleshooting an issue with RSS, I was given the following information that solved my guest/unregistered user issue in not seeing screens updated when clicking on forums, posts, etc.

      Go to AdminCP > Settings > Options > Server Settings and set Minutes to Cache Content for Guests to 0.
      Then Maintenance > Clear System Cache.

      This will allow guests to actually see pages on your site instead of always seeing the same thing. I am on Server 2008, IIS 6 so if anyone else has this issue, here is your fix.


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        1) Verify the guest user's permissions and make sure they have permission to view the channels and are not a banned user group.

        2) Haven't experienced this with logging in and out. You would need to provide a username, password and steps to reproduce in a support ticket.

        3) Yes, you need to disable guest caching on IIS. That is a workaround for a known issue. Since few customers use IIS in a live environment, we haven't figured out what actually causes the problem though.
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